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GMOs between researchers ‘secrets’ and those to serve multinational companies

GMOs between researchers ‘secrets’ and those to serve multinational companies

GM, THAT YOU DO NOT TELL YOU. French researchers studied 200 rodents fed exclusively with transgenic corn. The result? “A catastrophe”!!

To say the least worrisome results of a study on GMOs published in the respected French magazine “Le Nouvel Observateur” about the real dangers of GMO products.

Well, ALL of the mice fed with genetically modified maize – also not treated with the desiccant “Roundup” of Monsanto, the danger of which has emerged from several tests conducted on animals – they are seriously ill within 13 months from the start of the trial.

The specimens developed predominantly female mammary tumors, while maschipatologie in liver and / or kidneys.

Rodents fed GM corn developed disease with an incidence of up to 5 times higher than those fed with non-GM maize.

At the end of the experiment the rats fed with GMOs died within 2 years with a percentage ranging from 50 to 80%


French researchers have studied for years in secret, 200 rodents fed exclusively with transgenic corn and the result was scary, “a catastrophe”, to use the words of Le Nouvel Observateur.

According to the researches of the French team working on the project “Gilles”, led by prof. Eric Seralini, professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen, published by the U.S. scientific journal “Food and Chemical Toxicology” GM corn is very harmful even in very low quantities.

The GM maize NK 603 with which the experiment was conducted on 200 mice was obtained from an agricultural school in Canada.

The prof. Seralini began the search path in 2006, and discoveries, proving unequivocally the dangers of GMO corn, has written a book, entitled “All the guinea pigs.”

RESEARCHERS: INSPIRED BY THOSE COMMON GOOD prevents and relegated to the margins: THOSE “hired” make tons of money AND MAYBE FINISH ON TV. TO SAY THEIR LIES IN THE PUBLIC …

Doing research on GMOs in a serious and independent is very difficult: it is obviously necessary to have local and instrumentation, resources to pay for the researchers (which in many cases are “satisfied” payroll very miserable while doing the work they love, while those who prostitute themselves to corporations they derive fame and money hand over fist) and the support staff, and anyone who wants to investigate on GMOs (or other issues “uncomfortable”) not only has serious difficulties in obtaining finance, but is likely to be marginalized, boycotted by the powerful lobbies connected – directly or indirectly – to the market of GMOs.
The team led by prof. Seralini had to conduct the search, which lasted years, in conditions of absolute secrecy: Gilles project researchers have had to act like secret agents: no emails, no phone calls, discreetly, to avoid the intervention of multinational Jarnac.

The results of this research, of course, have been censored by the mass media: they are more likely to give space to researchers who argue the exact opposite, denying scientific evidence, and repairing the classic formula of “not proven beyond reasonable doubt “even before the most impressive results. But if we think that there are fine doctors, researchers, who still argue that incinerators, and even DU is not dangerous, it’s no wonder. These researchers, men of science who have to serve in the lobby, ready to work for their interests even when they conflict with those of humanity. Unlike colleagues “uncomfortable”, the scientists hired earn well, are proposed as “authoritative speakers” the most important conferences in the world, write books, attend in television lounges and also obtained the favor of public opinion, that the “researchers uncomfortable “real modern heroes, are unaware of its existence and the results of their efforts.

POLITICAL AND MEDIA SILENT: OR WORSE, TRY TO CONVINCE PUBLIC OPINION exact opposite … The only French politician to have seriously considered the findings of the team of prof. Seralini was Corinne Lepage, former researcher and university professor, as well as environment minister from 1995 to 1997, which already at that time was distinguished for his efforts to bring out the truth about GMOs: in his capacity as Minister had favored the creation of committees for the prevention of diseases related to GM foods.

When it became aware of the terrifying results of the research, Corinne Lepage wrote a book called “The verite sur les OGM c’est notre affaire” which highlights how policymakers, researchers, media and corporations have fallen silent this chilling truth, putting on trial the European Commission, which deals with – indeed: would be responsible – to ensure GMO. (The company is the world leader in GMO Monsanto, owned by David Rockefeller, founding father of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, para-Masonic associations which includes the heads of major Western governments, including Enrico Letta …) Corinne Lepage asked for an explanation and raises questions that will never receive an answer …


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